After Hours – the new album by the Fauré Quartet is now released and available in stores! After Hours is music for the moments afterwards. – Music for the time of encores. – After the actual concert. On this CD, the Fauré Quartet gives space to the music that hardly any concert can do without. At the same time, it is a small spectrum of what has characterized the quartet from the very beginning: A serious and effortless bridge-building across styles and continents. And a bridge over their own 28 years with encores from the past and present. And the Fauré Quartet also pulls an unusual trio out of its hat: the singer Annette Dasch, the principal clarinettist of the Vienna Philharmonic Matthias Schorn and the Finnish composer, arranger and pianist Jarkko Riihimäki. Encores surprise. – This album also surprises. And if you want to buy the CD here is the link:

After Hours at jpc